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NEAR Protocol

Integrations Engineer

San Francisco, CA, USA or 100% Remote

Job Closed

Type : Fulltime

Experience : 3-5 years

Team Size : 11-50 employees

Salary : 120000 - 160000 USD

Required Skills




Developer Tools

Business Catalyst

Communication skills

Nice to have Skills

Biz Dev

Community development

Channel development

To be successful, you will need to be comfortable working quickly at the web/mobile application layer down to the blockchain layer to help troubleshoot and smooth out the developer experience for our partner developers. This requires interacting with the scripting and markup that defines the apps, the TypeScript/AssemblyScript and Rust APIs for creating smart contracts and a bit of Rust to understand what’s going on at the blockchain layer. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to be comfortable communicating frequently with both our internal teams and external developers. You’ll work closely with multiple different teams within Near -- Engineering, Developer Relations, Biz Dev and Community. Because you see so much of the ecosystem in this role, it’s a great launching pad for going deeper in many possible directions, whether that means building your own applications, hacking on the core protocol or even joining one of the other teams who are building on top of the NEAR Platform.