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Platform Developer

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Job Closed

Type : Fulltime

Experience : 5-7 years

Team Size : 0-10 employees

Salary : 130000 - 140000 CAD

Required Skills


API management


Distributed computing

Nice to have Skills



Every day, hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured from space. With new applications for this data such as precision farming, construction planning, disaster relief operations, and retail revenue prediction (to name a few), the demand for satellite imagery is growing. However, the current process for obtaining satellite imagery is very time-consuming and tedious. While the number of sensors observing our planet is growing exponentially, we are seeing each of these instruments creating their own unique dataset. Getting access to many of these catalogues is expensive and time-consuming. And once access is achieved, it is difficult to integrate data from multiple sources into one system. And we all know the most impactful analytics happen when large volumes of data are normalized and can be easily incorporated into powerful models. Using our team's experience in building NASA-award winning software, we are building the SkyWatch EarthCacheTM platform, a simple way to discover and access the world’s remote sensing data. We are making it easy for organizations and app developers to monitor the progress of crops, predict the markets, track ships and airplanes, measure global warming, or create other game-changing applications. We do the data work behind the scenes so developers are free to build the apps that change the world.