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Co-founder and CTO


Job Closed

Type : Co-founder

Experience : 5-7 years

Team Size : 0-10 employees

Salary : 0 - 2400000 INR

Required Skills



Nice to have Skills

Data analysis

I know...everyone needs a tech cofounder :-) But we promise to be interesting. Would love to talk over a brief call and explain more. If you are the right candidate, you would already have multiple offers/ options and probably making sure that you are not missing something interesting. I repeat, talk to us :-) Both founders are knowledgeable, experienced (1 exit) and fun to work with. ---- We hate the fact that more than 75% of folks do not feel confident about their financial planning. This space is screaming for a good solution that can help users put their mind to rest when it comes to financial wellness. The market is huge and there is no winner yet. WealthScore combines economic, logical and mathematical rigor to solve that challenge and win the multi-billion $ market in India and across the world. We are looking for a technology leader who preferably has experience with internet product startup in launching, maintaining, debugging and updating products frequently. A minimum of 4 years of full-time programming experience is expected. Our current stack is: Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React Back-end: Python + Django Databases: MySQL DevOps: AWS, RDS, VPC We are just starting and therefore the product and technology will evolve with the market feedback. You are going to be the starting point of the company's Dev culture and will have a huge impact on the product that will be used by millions of users. You should already have access to the network of good engineers who would want to work with you at a later stage. Job Perks High Equity (of course) Deep impact, possibly around the world Market salary in a 3-4 months time